Sunday 14 September 2014

WXY Paper 5cm Gundam version 4.0

I love this toy even though it is only 5cm tall. I have made a number of these now in different colored card and love them all. This one is only the colored version, first build, and was the only one that I have taken pics of. I think I still have a red and green one around somewhere and will eventually get round to building the whole set of them ^__^  find them all here wxy paper

Urban Paper Collective Elephriends

These toys were released to re shown and to commemorate the Urban Paper Collective's event in Arnsberg (Germany) 2014 which I was deeply deeply wanting to go to but due to personal matters had to cancel at the last minute which saddened me a lot.

Anyway these "Elephriends" are being created by a number of artists and are still available to download at and whilst there have a read a peruse the other toys there created by some great artists...

This is not the whole collection but a small number of them...

Yamaha MT-01 re-build

Of those that know what I have built in the past this toy was i think about the third or forth toy that i had built, I started the hard way with the tough ones first, then at least if I could do those I could do most toys...

This is from the great Yamaha Motor website where they do some quite snazzy toys, some a bit harder than others but a nice range. I went for one of the harder ones the MT-01 realistic build.

In the past I built one of these but in color and gave it to my brain specialist at one of my local hospitals as a thank you to the care that he had given me during my treatment/recovery not that I can remember the doctors name or even the hospital but i know i did it ^__^.

I was looking through the sites for additions to my toy collection and came across the toy again but this time decided to download the white edition of the toy and the pictures below are the results of a couple of months work...

Friday 12 September 2014

I remember, I remember!!

I now have remembered what I missed out. I made the whole collection of Mechabunny toys over the christmas period. I love Nick's mechabunny design and also love everyone else's designs which have been made over the years and here they are in all their glorious colors.... ^__^

These are by ABZ
This is by Ash

Another great artist Baykiddead


Colin David

Dan Watson


Greg Madden

Jason Bolt
Joel J2
Kara Arnold

Little Plastic man
Mac Guy
Marko Zubak
Marshall Alexander
Merrci (Great artist and friend)
The Main Man Nick Knite

Olla Buko
Ping King
Puja Bestara
Robert Zylstra
Ruang Antho
Sal Azad


Sam Kwedo
Scott Schaller

Seven Lab
Shin Tanaka
Shiny and Colorful
St. Hellvis
Type 01

Willie Beren