Sunday, 19 December 2010

Last weekend The Love Movement art show was held in San Francisco. The show was based on Shin and His wife's creations (Tboy and Dankeschoen bear).
50 Pairs of vinyl toys were sent around the globe to artists to custom them so they could featured in the show. Artists were also asked to create works of art on canvas to be show also.
By the amount of pictures taken at the show it looks like it was a great success. The following Danke Boy and Schoen Girl paper toys were sent to the people who helped fund the show of which I was one of them.

If you would like to see pictures from the show check out the followings sites

Saturday, 11 December 2010

This was a model that I created for the 'style needs no color'-booth at the Blooom! art fair in cologne, The idea was to custom one of nick Knite's mechabunny models but it had to be in black and white.
I wanted to try and do something else with the model pieces and after fooling around with the pieces in different positions I decided it looked like a duck!!
Anyway I was so honoured that my piece was shown at the art fair, it was my first piece of work shown off the internet and hopefully it won't be my last!! thanks nick

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Optimus Prime Model part 4

Here are some pictures of the legs, there are two tyres that fit onto the top but this can only be attached once the model is together.

Optimus Prime Model part 3

These are pics of the arms. One thing that i did find stressful was the hands, each finger has 51 pieces, I did one finger per night so it took a while..

Optimus Prime Model part 2

Here are some more pics of the gigantic project....

Optimus Prime Model

I started this model of Optimus Prime about 2 months ago and am nearly finished maybe about mid January it will come to the end... a very big project for anyone. It comes from the site, he does some amazing work...

here's some pics of its head

Monday, 6 December 2010

new work

I wanted to see if I could re-create shins train/tram people. I don't mean to be nasty when I copy his work, it's just a challenge for myself to get to his level of work, and to see how the different shapes go together.... so I mean no offence.

And yes I have noticed that I put the hands on backwards... they had dried before I noticed. I have 4 of these textured already.

still stuck in

well our public transport just started back today after a week not being on. This lasted just two hours due to more snow falling today, we got an extra 5 inches of snow today, so everything is closed again...... very depressing.

But on a plus note it means i can spend more time doing models and working on the computer too!

Friday, 3 December 2010

no fun any more

Well it has been snowing for over a week now. you don't mind the first couple of days, you think it looks pretty but after a bit it really starts to get you down. There is hardly any food in the local shops and all the public transport is not running.

Monday, 29 November 2010

what a day

Well we had quite a bit of snow today, we have still got it coming down and so far it is about 10-10 1/2 inches, with more snow to come tonight!! this is a picture of the snow this morning before my battery went flat on my camera.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

suitable for the weather

Well the snow is quite bad up here at the moment. We have about 5inches so far so I think the following pic is quite suitable. This is a custom I did on Shin Tanaka's Tobio Figure, just geussed he might like a friend...

If anyone would like to see any of my other work I have a page over on Nice Paper Toys, which is a great site to get involved in and help with the community of artists

Customs of Shin Tanaka's T Danke Boy

Here are some customs that I did of Shins Latest Creation....

Love movement

LOVE MOVEMENT is an art show using vinyl toys to deliver universal messages about love. After reflecting on the lack of love in the world, recently married artists, Shin Tanaka and Nao Shimojo, sent blank versions of their character toys to over 50 other artists around the world, including some who are also couples. The artists were asked to customize the toys with their designs and be part of the LOVE MOVEMENT. Each artist's interpretation is different from the next. So far we have ruminations on procreation, war and space travel...

The finished works from Japan, America, Australia and Europe will be exhibited at SUPERFROG Gallery in San Francisco. LOVE MOVEMENT is free and open to the public from December 11th through January 16th. Shin and Nao are flying in for the opening reception, which will feature original art toys and canvases, a Japanese beatboxer, live painting by Shin and animation by Shin & Nao. LOVE MOVEMENT is Shin & Nao's first major art show in the US. They used their own money to manufacture and ship 100 vinyl toys to other artists. Shin and Nao view their figures as little messengers of love.

Here is a model that shin has released for the event...

Ecco Ltd Competition

I have been doing some work for entry into the Ecco clothing competition. You had to custom a template of thier rhino logo.
These two I have sent in the "proper rhino look" was done by myself the other "pink rhino" was designed by my wife, so you never know...

Coming back

Well its been a while since i posted anything but hopefully all will change soon.

I am working on a model from He has created a giant papermodel of the Transfomers Optimus Prime and I have been working on it for a couple of months now and hopefully will have it finished soon, here is a picture of it that someone else has done, it looks most impressive.

All i have left to do is finish off it's second leg and another arm, I have built it this way as i was getting fed up making the fingers (51 parts per finger!!) and decided to move on to the legs but hopefully i will have some decent pics online soon.

new twist video