Sunday, 20 February 2011

New models

After finishing the gundam model I did not know what to build so I am now going to start a make collections by artists. The first collection that I am going to make is Marshall Alexander's.
I have build a few of his models in the past but never all at one time so hopefully It should not take me long to move on to the next after. If anyone has any artists that they like let me know ok.

Shin Tanaka's Homie's

Sin has released three new toys based on houses? They are nice but not what I would have expected shin to come out with, he usually loves curves and not solid corners ... ok he had boxy and spiky walker and scion's robot but usually it's nice curves in his creations.
The toys can be found on his gritty, hoophy and boxy travels pages just look for something that should not be there! So here is what you are looking out for...

Unicorn Gundam Finished at last

Well thankfully I have finished on the unicorn gundam from paper-replika, I think I will be going back to doing what I love best..the 1 or 2 page toys, these at least I can do 4 or 5 a day instead of months!!
So here is the shield

Here is it's gun

And to finish with it's jetpack

This can now sit on top of the wardrobe and collect dust with the other toys!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Boxzet series

I came across this site by Byman studios called . These are brilliant paper toys presented in their own boxes just as though it was brought from a shop...great!! There are twenty four of them so far and they are also offering the blank template out for further customs to be added to their site.
I've only built one so far but the rest are printed and ready to go, just need to get some clear film for the front of the boxes. The idea is not a new one but they have created something that is very well executed and easy to make.

Paper-replika's Unicorn Gundam

Thought I would update my progress on the Unicorn Gundam Model by the talented Julius Perdana. I have finally finished the main body but still have to build it's shield, rocket booster pack and it's rifle/bazooka so i have still a fair way to go, but here a couple of pics so far...