Monday, 11 June 2012

Arms of my RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam build

Well here's some further pictures this time of the arms of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam model. These too are just the main build of the arms and the outside will be added later, there is quite a wide range of movements that the arm can do and I have added a picture of where the joins are on the arm.In case you are wondering where the hands are, I am searching at the moment for card thin enough to make the fingers as they are fully jointed and have full movement. The card I had is far too thick and my local art shop does not have any in so  I think I will have to look on-line for some, till then i'll carry on with the waist section.

Legs of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam build

Here's some pics of the legs of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam, as you can see they are just plain grey. This is the main body of the legs, I need to start attaching the main armour of the legs at a later date (according to the plans).

Chest of RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam

Here's the chest section finished. The build was new to me as you have to build the internal section first and then add the out side later as shown is this picture from the creators site.
Here's the pics of my build....

Head of RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam

Well I've been doing some work on the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam. Here's some pictures of the head and also a comparison in scale (on my hand).