Thursday, 23 June 2011

New tboy for the collection

The last tboy had arrived damaged so i was sent a replacement, this too was slightly crushed and that was after it was packed in 3 seperate boxes, yes 3?? I must say that the custom office in the country is very heavy handed with parcels from abroad. Ok I can see their point but come on!

Anyway introducing a new member to the family, shins "keep it real" genuine Tboy toy!! I know, it's great eh! This will be getting stored away from any prying hands, be they small or large!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

new tboy template to play with

I have recently seen a real tboy in the flesh / paper whatever you want to call it,and have examined, looked and measured it and have finally been able to piece together that bits that make a tboy up, quite a complicated toy when you take a good look at it. I have put the pieces together and produced a template of my own of this great piece of work.

I have always adored shins tboy designs and so I have been trying to re-create them for my own and here are the results - let me point out that these are my copies of shins work and therefore not of the same calibre.

This one is 8 inches tall and the 2 below 4 inches tall

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sinanju Gundam update

Thought I would give an update to the gundam. Well both legs are built and glued to the torso am just waiting on arms getting finally design by Julescrafter over at, I am so wanting this model finished in the meantime I have started building a sleeping Beauty castle for a friend who wants one so that will take a bit of the time up whilst waiting.

Eastern Eggs

The great site Eastern-eggs was created to produce wooden eggs which were then covered in artists works and sold for the red cross Japan tsunami appeal. 14 artists such as Danke Schoen, Jan Kallwejt and Shin Tanaka came together to create these works in the shape of an egg to symbolise the rebirth and re-build of the affected areas after the devastation that occurred. I think they sold close to 600 eggs in the end which was a great response. I am proud to have purchased one for the good cause.

Tboy toy

Been a while since I posted anything but i thought I would post a pic of a Tboy that was from the Love Movement show last year in December. This tboy was slightly damaged but with quite a bit of love and care have managed to get is looking a bit better. I must say a great thank you to Jeremy Brautman for all his help and all the hassle he has taken from me....what a man.