Friday, 29 July 2011

New Shin Tanaka Boxy Designs

I recently saw Shin Tanaka's new take on his old boxy toy. He has released 4 new boxy "plastin" toys at". This process is the same a 3d printing and makes the toy have a ceramic feel to it.
I liked shin's designs so I thought I would make paper versions of his Boxy's.

Scion's Giant Robot

I came across this toy on my hard drive, I must have made a custom of it a while ago. So I saw the template and thought I would build it to see how it would come out, not bad I think...

Sleeping Beauty disney castle

This model has taken quite a bit of time and now I'm pleased to say it's finished and away to get played with by somebody who will love it.
I thought I would take pics of it outside but now I wish I had taken other photo's before giving it away, so sorry for the scenery/quality. I got my lovely wife margaret to take a photo of it with myself just to show the scale of the model.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lost and found Tboy

Here's a Tboy that I found down the end of the Garden :) Have always tampered about with rust textures on toys as I love the look and so I finally did a custom using them...