Sunday, 12 February 2012

Black March

I am posting this as I am totally against the new censorship laws and also the closure of many sites due to them being accused of piracy yet the majority of sites are used by people like myself. We put our files onto the sites to allow the distribution of them and most are legal files, yet the sites are getting labelled as communities to distribute illegal files which for the part is untrue.
Sites like mediafire, which i keep my files on, are the same as sites like megaupload, which got closed, yet the major companies used mediafire to keep their files on so what happens then? people keep files on such sites as microsoft skydrive, is this illegal as well???
please support the cause as I know you will.....

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valentine Br. By Shin Tanaka

Shin has just released a new Br. toy I think based towards that special day coming up this month for all the lovers out there :)
Great toy so I thought I would do a couple of variations on the colour, I quite like the lilac version but that's just me ! :)