Thursday, 31 October 2013

Custom Tanaka/Lagerfeld toys

I loved Shin Tanaka's New work he did for Karl Lagerfeld's Paris shop so had decided to do a couple of customs based on the video promo for the show, pictures 3 and 4 are of the the chibby that was available for download from the main website but hope you all like the rest ^__^....

Halloween Zombietus

I came across Nick Knite's template for his Cactus toy which he had sent me quite a while ago and wanted to do something with it for Halloween and I came up with this Zombie/Cactus fellow, hope you all like it and the template is available on Nick's website with a number of other great Halloween toys to download also, you'll find them at

Friday, 11 October 2013

Halloween Goodies

Well Halloween will be upon us soon, does not seem that long ago since the last one? Anyway I had got these goody bags off of the canon paper craft site () a couple of years ago now, they are still available to download though, and since I built the pumpkin teddy ones last year thought I would switch and make these ones this year, Margaret's even filled them already for the kids ^__^

Gundam Boxzet

I have always loved the Boxzet toys and built the first one a good while back (think it was the super robot one) and whilst looking for something to build came across a folder with all the Boxzet toys and the RX-78-2 Gundam by Bymanstudio caught my eye so I had to build it. Love the design it also came with a small model box containing instructions and model pieces sheets which I think was quite clever..

Sword impulse Gundam

Well since I am hovering between projects at the moment I basically went through my files and just picked something at random and I came across the "Sword Impulse" Gundam from Jules over at . I am only building the head of this toy as I don't really want to build the whole thing, I just love the designs of the heads..

BearBearQ project

Well I managed to finish off my custom BearBearQ toy quite a few days ago, it actually took me longer to find and make the net for it (which is made of card and a piece of netting from a garlic bulb packaging). The design is based very loosely around M.C.Escher's butterflies print, I was going to cover the whole of the toy but then decided to make it a "swirling" pattern instead, which turned out better than I thought it would.
Anyway it was my first attempt at painting so let me know how I got on as this time...please. ^__^