Friday, 11 October 2013

BearBearQ project

Well I managed to finish off my custom BearBearQ toy quite a few days ago, it actually took me longer to find and make the net for it (which is made of card and a piece of netting from a garlic bulb packaging). The design is based very loosely around M.C.Escher's butterflies print, I was going to cover the whole of the toy but then decided to make it a "swirling" pattern instead, which turned out better than I thought it would.
Anyway it was my first attempt at painting so let me know how I got on as this time...please. ^__^


  1. I like , you did it in marker? (Orchidia)

  2. I was going to but ended up using acrylic paint, which is godd so when i'm bored with it I can wash and re-do it ^__^