Friday, 21 December 2012

sparkplug custom

I have been trying to get in contact with sharim about doing a custom of his toy but have not had a response back yet but my fingers have been twitching to do one, so I did. Was only a quick custom, it's a medi sparkplug, just what the doctor ordered. I don't know why I made it like it is, It started off red with white highlights but dumped it and did the opposite and I think it worked out ok.

Please note that this will not be available for download as it is a private build... sorry.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sparkplug by Cossville/ Sharim Gubbels

Finally after many years Sharim Gubbels or Crossville has managed to find one of his great toys that he released back in 2005.

As asked by Sharim  I will be sending out the sparkplug template to all of those that have asked for it on Nice paper toys. All he asks is that they give credit to both himself and crossville when they create the toy or pass it on further.

Here's a couple of pics of my build of the toy. And if there is anybody else wanting the toy that has not asked for it previously email me at and i'll pass it on to you too.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Finally!!! RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam fully built

Well what with doing other projects doing stuff for Halloween and also making stuff for Christmas I have finally completed the rx93 build!!! It has taken me about 5 months on and off to build this and I must say it has been quite a hard toy to build but I think it was worth it in the end.

I gave it 100% attention at the end just because I wanted it built and out of the way finally, it has taken up quite a bit of room compared to the other toys that I have built in the past. I also decided to design and build a stand for it seeing as the model is considerable heavy at the rear due to its wings so I built a stand which the rear tubes could sit on and keep it upright I was considering building some form of platform on one side of the stand as you may have seen in other folks Gundam diorama's, but no I have decided that I have spent long enough on this toy and also I have a couple of hundred new templates to keep me busy too.The toy is going to a local school so it can be enjoyed by the kids, instead of it ending up in the recycle bucket.....

So here is a collection of photos of the RX82 V2 Hi-V Gundam as designed by rarra hope you like it.... ^__^

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Giant robot's Rodriguez style

I was sent some templates of scion's Giant robot with Matacho Descorp's pattern  by a friend called Carlos R Rodrigeuz. He has brought a sparkle of colour into the templates with five distinct colours Green, Sky blue, Purple, Orange and Mustard Yellow. I think he picked some great colours and they really show scion's toy off, a very big welcome to my collection.... thank you.

Carlos Rodriguez's Nice Paper Toy Page

                                                             Before assembly.....
After assembly....

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Budog recreations

I recently saw a video on youtube showing off some designs for the budog creation and have decided by myself to re-create the entire budog collection.

Having further thoughts on this major project am not sure if i will be releasing this or keeping it to my collection due to any copyright infringements, which I would rather not get involved in as I enjoy making toys and giving them out to friends and I do not involve any profit to be tied to ANY toys that i re-create and will not at any time. so fingers crossed eh!! ^__^

here's a teaser of some of the collection that i have built so far

Friday, 21 September 2012

DaiDenzin Denziman toy

I recently saw on the paperkraft blog that Tjaizue had released a new toy based on DaiDenzin which is the transforming robot from Toei's Denshi Sentai Denziman series, aka Denjiman, Electric Fighters.
I was totally joyful at seeing this as I still have my original toy from the early 1980's which I think was the first transforming toy that you did'nt need to attach parts to it when transforming, and thought i would put a link up for Tjaizue's toy as well as piccy's of my toy....^__^

Friday, 31 August 2012

Further reading for "El Carmesi"

As promised here are links to my tribute of this iconic toy. They are on my mediafire site and consists of the main file 20mb and a diagram sheet to help make the toy 1.5mb hope this is ok. ^__^

El Carmesi toy pieces
El Carmesi Diagrams

My Tribute to Sharim Gubbels "El Carmesi"

Well it's taken a while to get this project back on track what with losing my original templates & scans then doing countless projects in-between. But for the past week and a bit I've cancelled everything else and stuck to getting this on the road.

My original version I showed to Sharim and I had a few pointers to correct and change so hopefully I have done good to my word and created a toy worthy of his blessing. I will be releasing the custom version first then will be releasing a blank version for anyone who would like to customise, hey maybe even get a series out of it ? The toy is quite a complex monster it did comprise of 100 parts but I got it down to 85 so it's not really for the faint hearted, but saying that the majority of the model is very easy to construct, the feet only being the complicated section of the toy.

The first custom I am releasing contains a lot of paper folks logos all over the toy. This is just to say thanks to all the hard work that the community does and got me where I am in my life now ^__^

hope everybody likes it ^__^

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Legs/hands of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam build part 2

I have now finished the outside of the legs finally and have also done the hands of the toy which were a total nightmare, it was taking me about an hour to do 1 finger!! But I think it was well  worth the effort, I have also finished the outside of the arms but have not taken any photo's yet but i will.

Also I have not given up on the el camresi toy I have finished the templates but working on textures at the moment, I have yet to do a pre build to make sure is all well as there were a few alterations to do as per request of the owner of the toy, so hold on in there... ^__^

SDCC Giant robot interpretation

I saw a picture of Shin Tanaka's Giant robot for the SDCC 2012 show and seeing as it is on the other side of the world I had no hope in getting a version of his toy (I'm sure you had to buy something to get one) I thought I would do my take on the toy....

Monday, 11 June 2012

Arms of my RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam build

Well here's some further pictures this time of the arms of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam model. These too are just the main build of the arms and the outside will be added later, there is quite a wide range of movements that the arm can do and I have added a picture of where the joins are on the arm.In case you are wondering where the hands are, I am searching at the moment for card thin enough to make the fingers as they are fully jointed and have full movement. The card I had is far too thick and my local art shop does not have any in so  I think I will have to look on-line for some, till then i'll carry on with the waist section.