Sunday, 30 June 2013

Budog vehicles

Here is the last in my collection. These are vehicle based ones.... some vans, caravans plus also a tokyo police car (had to recreate the writing as fact). Hope you have enjoyed my collection of budogs, I do still have another 5 to post but I could not wait any longer to get this up on my site,plus they are only animal ones (monkey, gorilla, crane, onikawi rail (not sure on that) and a duck) But i will add these onto the collection when I get around to releasing the whole collection, so once again thanks for looking!! ^__^

Mixture of Budogs

Here's a collection of the "odd" Budogs, not odd as strange but ones that I can't really put into a certain group, some are for advertising, some to celebrate certain things and a collection of real odds ^__^

Patchwork (original budog)

Well here are the original looking Budogs in their many colored variety's patched, capped and halved ....