Sunday, 30 June 2013

^__^ Budog collection ^__^

Welcome all, I am finally releasing pics of my Budog project. This collection has taken me over a year to create due to all the other projects that i have done and not done in the past year and a bit. I have lovingly created this collection by studying pictures of the the Budogs created by DOKUTOKU460 folks, some amazing work that they do with all their projects including the Budog's. I must state that I created this firstly just as a project and nothing more but it sort of built up over the year as I discovered more and more creations, plus also all the toys that I have created are going to a local primary school for the kids as I would love the youngsters to be interested in more things that computers and computer games. anyway here is the first of my pics...the animals...


  1. Amazing work Andrew! This inspires me to work harder creating my own customs. Thank you!

  2. Many thanks for the compliment, I'm glad that you like them hopefully i'll release them so only five to make!! could not wait to get some photos up before i get rid of them!! ^__^