Saturday, 21 July 2012

Legs/hands of the RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam build part 2

I have now finished the outside of the legs finally and have also done the hands of the toy which were a total nightmare, it was taking me about an hour to do 1 finger!! But I think it was well  worth the effort, I have also finished the outside of the arms but have not taken any photo's yet but i will.

Also I have not given up on the el camresi toy I have finished the templates but working on textures at the moment, I have yet to do a pre build to make sure is all well as there were a few alterations to do as per request of the owner of the toy, so hold on in there... ^__^

SDCC Giant robot interpretation

I saw a picture of Shin Tanaka's Giant robot for the SDCC 2012 show and seeing as it is on the other side of the world I had no hope in getting a version of his toy (I'm sure you had to buy something to get one) I thought I would do my take on the toy....