Saturday, 24 November 2012

Finally!!! RX93 V2 Hi-V Gundam fully built

Well what with doing other projects doing stuff for Halloween and also making stuff for Christmas I have finally completed the rx93 build!!! It has taken me about 5 months on and off to build this and I must say it has been quite a hard toy to build but I think it was worth it in the end.

I gave it 100% attention at the end just because I wanted it built and out of the way finally, it has taken up quite a bit of room compared to the other toys that I have built in the past. I also decided to design and build a stand for it seeing as the model is considerable heavy at the rear due to its wings so I built a stand which the rear tubes could sit on and keep it upright I was considering building some form of platform on one side of the stand as you may have seen in other folks Gundam diorama's, but no I have decided that I have spent long enough on this toy and also I have a couple of hundred new templates to keep me busy too.The toy is going to a local school so it can be enjoyed by the kids, instead of it ending up in the recycle bucket.....

So here is a collection of photos of the RX82 V2 Hi-V Gundam as designed by rarra hope you like it.... ^__^

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Giant robot's Rodriguez style

I was sent some templates of scion's Giant robot with Matacho Descorp's pattern  by a friend called Carlos R Rodrigeuz. He has brought a sparkle of colour into the templates with five distinct colours Green, Sky blue, Purple, Orange and Mustard Yellow. I think he picked some great colours and they really show scion's toy off, a very big welcome to my collection.... thank you.

Carlos Rodriguez's Nice Paper Toy Page

                                                             Before assembly.....
After assembly....