Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Boxy toys

Here is a couple of boxy toys, one which was asked for and the other just a mess around copying designs from shin tanaka's site, have always wanted to make replica's of them all for my collection. Seeing as I have given up on the thought processor's at the moment I might just get on and do it....

More Br. Builds

I have working again on Shin Tanaka's Br.'s which i downloaded but never got around to, i think there are still 3 to build so I'm up to date with them soon...I really love his new one, a bear dressed up with a pumpkin hood on. I hope he brings out a few for Halloween  would really love them lining the windows for the giazzers in a couple of weeks time.

Julius's AMU 01 unit

I have just finished Julius's AMU 01 Robot (Axioo Mecha Unit) over at .

The thing that caught my eye was the vibrant colour of the mech, really different in regards to his other work. It's great on the eye and on the mind as it is a very easy toy to build, not that i'm complaining, it's usually Julius's pieces of work that I usually download are a lot more detailed, but this does not need that kind of detail, it's great as it are all of his works.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

More tho pro's!

Well here's a couple more done... have not been getting the time to build them lately, I have about 8 projects and tasks to get done by monday and i'm working through those to get them out the way, it's even taken me 2 days to upload these on here!! never mind hope you all like them.... :)