Saturday, 30 April 2011

Custom design on Boxy Head

Hi all, this toy was created by Hussein Abu Issa on the NPT site, he asked me if i would like to do a custom of his model and i agreed. I also contacted other NPT members if they would like to contribute their ideas too.

A new br. from Shin Tanaka

Here is a new Br. from shin tanaka, this time he has steered away from his red and white pattern and opted for a splash of colour.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A couple of animal print Br.'s

Here's a couple of animal print Br.'s that i made. The first purple/pink one was the first i put up on the NPT site, the second leopard looking one was a request from a guy named Ivi. He wanted one to give to his girlfriend.

new toy Br. by Shin Tanaka

This is another Br. released by Shin Tanaka, the style of pattern looks vaguely familiar.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another Br. Custom

I do a lot of artwork and printing for my mother in law, who uses it for her decoupage and card design hobby. I was looking at the patterns when i thought it would be great to combine the textures and make a sort of patchwork quilt effect to be used on Shin Tanaka's Br.

Here's how it came out...

Another Great Bear By shin

Shin Tanaka has now released his 7th Br. toy on his website. Here is a picture of the finale build.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Marshall Alexander's Toys

After finishing the large optimus prime I recently did I have been finding it hard to find something to build. I have well over 3000 templates in my collection so I thought it about time to build some of them. So i have decided to work artist by artist, the first being Marshall Alexander's great collection. I think I will be doing Matt Hawkins next as I love his work too!.

Here are some pictures of Marshall's work.

trying over colours

I can't remember where I saw it but I saw a bear with a black and white texture instead of shin's red/white templates, it might have been on shin's facebook page but don't quote me on that !

one bear for the missus!

I found a nice texture one day so i decided to use it to create a Br. for my wife margaret. I printed it onto photo paper as i wanted a nice glossy finish.

April fools day bear

I actually missed this one but my great pal Methuup supplied me with it. This bear was only available on 1st April.

more bears!!

Well shin has been quite busy and has released a number of bears over the past couple of weeks and here are some pictures of them.