Saturday, 19 May 2012

I came across a video from Shin Tanaka on you tube somehow and I saw a pic of a tiger texture which he released back in 2010 for his new year toy so I decided to give it a bash and re-create the texture and chibby toy that he released( well picture only) and here is how I got on, even if I do say myself I did a great job and the wife loves it ^__^

Well have not really been posting much at the moment I'm working on Amuro Ray's RX-93-v2 HiV gundam model, don't know why I decided to start to build it, just like a bit of a challenge I suppose. It's going to take me a hell of a time to finish, might even be ready for xmas (you never know)..

I am still working on a working template for the el carmesi toy so don't worry there, think I only have a couple of pages left to do to it, but will have to write some instructions for the model as there are quite a few bits to it.

I have also been doing quite a few bits and pieces and don't seem to get much time for anything at the moment... been doing flyers for our local jubilee celebration next month, done some graffiti on my step sons room and also some for his friend too as well as bits and pieces.