Monday, 30 September 2013

Budog Download links

I forgot to mention that I have now uploaded the Budog files (all 130 of them) onto my Mediafire site and are available for download now ok ^__^

BUDOG Animals



BUDOG Original

BUDOG Speaker units

BUDOG Vehicles

BUDOG By Artists

Sulaco Project

Well I have finally finished the Sulaco project and I am very pleased at how it came out. I have made a couple of stands for it to sit on resting on the antenna array sticking out from the bottom of the craft and have made a small plaque with details of what/where things are on the ship.

I finished this over a week ago now but have tried to go onto further projects not with much success though, maybe i need to take a small break in paper modelling. I have had a BearBearQ DIY vinyl toy for a few years now so it might be time to paint that up for a change and then get back down to business.

I have quite a few ideas for my own design in paper toys so that will be my next project once i have finished the vinyl toy...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

New pictures of Sulaco project

I took some photos a while back but had not managed to get them up on here until now. The project i am working on is a model of the Sulaco from the aliens movie, a space marines ship created by that great Czech paper modeller Jan R√ľkr, who has created quite a few sci-fi models. I think it was the overall size of the project that interested me, more of a challenge and this will be the last large scale model that i will be building, he says hopefully. So here's some pics of the build so far, I only have the tail/engine section to build now so the length will be another 1/3 added on to what i have already...