Sunday, 25 September 2011

My new interest!!

For some days now i've been quite bored in building the same old toys, yet now on Nice Paper Toys there is a new group on the forums mainly interested in phoneticontrol's "thought processor" series of toys.
I have been collecting toys for about 6 years now and now have close to 6000 templates and did not realise that I had some of these in my collection, so was interested to see how they came out and once I had made one I was hooked.
I have about 80 of them now and am working through them whilst waiting on jules finishing the plans for the rest of the sinanju model or for shin to bring out another creation, so now I am posting my new builds of these toys.
I'm trying to create a new toy of my own and am working on a custom of Sinner's new totem pole model which is great as I have some of the work already done as I was going to do a custom of nick knite's mechabunny as a tiki totem pole sort of thing so hopefully that will turn out ok when finished......

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