Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"El Carmesi Build"

Well had some good news last week. Got in touch with Sharim Gubbels, famous for his crossville site as well as his "El Carmesi" toys, and sent him a picture of my take on his great toy which he released back in 2006. I did this to see if it was ok to carry on with this project and finally release it to the public.
Sharim was great about this and he gave me a few pointers of alterations to change in my build, which was much appreciated and as long as I said that this was "my" version of his work it would be ok to release it, which was great too!! ^__^
I had scratch built the toy in card, but had also been tracing the parts as they were being applied together, so I have all the parts on quite a few bits of paper at the moment, I have scanned them into my computer and I am currently working on creating a workable template, incorporating Sharim's alterations too. I am hoping to have it released by the end of the month if not sooner as i am working on quite a number of other projects at the moment including my next Gundam Toy (RX-93-V2 Hi V Gundam by Rarra) which will take a couple of months too to finish...
Here's some pics of my scratch build "El Carmesi" toy...

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  1. Man! This is so awesome, did ya get to release it?? I want it bad!